Giveaway! Follow Me to the New Blog….

I’ve been teasing you guys with adorable kangaroos for the past few weeks now, so I bet you’re really curious what a kangaroo could possibly have to do with a fashion blog, right? If you want to learn more about the new site, read on. If you want to go directly to it click here to check out Cashmere Kangaroo right now!

If you want the full story scoot in close, because I’m about to explain it all.
6080759506_f41a6ccc38_oOne of the most beautiful things about style blogs is the variety of aesthetics they showcase. Before blogs we were only treated to fashion images courtesy of high end designers, and magazine editors. While the looks they rolled out were stunning and thought provoking, the pressure they faced to create something cutting edge often produced pictorials that were fantasy, rather than outfit inspiration for most women.

22467082Those of us who preferred a classic aesthetic were usually left behind. We wanted to embrace elegance the way that our grandmother’s generation did, without looking dated. We were forces to grapple with putting together young sophisticate looks with little outside inspiration. Then, along came a princess.




Her look was pure heritage, but it still felt young and fresh. She was a breath of fresh air to classic girls around the world, and she was embraced quickly and without reservation.


a8335d989877c6d7_kateeveningSo, I created a blog so that I could have a space to share my love of timeless looks for all the classic girls like me. The intent is to create style inspiration that is classically elegant, like cashmere….
large-CashmereThrow_Cachet-1…. but still buzzing with vibrant, bouncy energy, like a kangaroo.



You’re Cordially Invited: Blog Launch Party!

As most of you know this blog is moving. Don’t worry– the content will stay exactly the same, but the look and location is getting a little refresher. I’m super excited for the new site, so next week I’m throwing it a party, complete with fabulous prizes.

On February 17th I will post the link to the new site right here. The party will kick off on the new site with a very special Monday Mood Lifters, plus your first chance to win some really cool prizes. The celebration will last all the way from there through Friday the 21st, so get ready to have some fun!

In the meantime, here is your final hint about the new site’s identity!

PicMonkey Collage


Monday Mood Lifters

Oh look, it’s Monday again. That means you have to wake up early, and you have six whole days until the next episode of True Detective. It’s enough to upset even the most level headed among us, but don’t worry. I can’t make True Detective show any earlier, but I can offer you these mood brightening finds from around the web.


Be Fresh Faced and Gorgeous

If you’ve never seen a Lisa Eldridge tutorial before you are in for a treat. Lisa is a fabulous celebrity makeup artist who has done everything from editorial Vogue features to red carpet styling. Not only are her skills on point, but her sweet, soft mannerisms also make her something of the Marry Poppins of makeup. In her latest tutorial she shows us how to get a clean look that is perfect for spring.



Wear Something Playful

Lilly Pulitzer is the undisputed queen of bold brights. Slip into one of her spring dresses and try not to smile, I dare you.



Curl Up With Comfort Food

Kristen at Iowa Girl Eats has really outdone herself this time. She’s created a version of that delicious classic creamy chicken pasta you remember from childhood that doesn’t come from a box. It’s simply fresh, soul-warming scrumptiousness. No awful powder cheese packets required.


Have Your Pancakes and Drink Them Too

I’ve recently been introduced to Sapling Vermont Maple Bourbon and all I can say is WOW! This stuff is sweet– like that last bite of pancake you use to soak up all the left over syrup on your plate. It’s definitely not something you would want to drink a water glass of, but it’s a delightful, comforting treat served neat, or over ice.


Get Ready to Enjoy a Better Blog

For the past few weeks I have been hard at work revamping this site for you guys! I know some of you have been frustrated by super slow loading, and the confusing layout. I’ve heard you, so I’m moving! I can’t wait to unveil the new site. Stay tuned for more news later this week! In the meantime, here’s an adorable hint of the changes to come.




Ruby Red Slippers



Dress: J. Crew (past season) Earrings: Jewel Mint Necklace, shoes, wrap, belt and bag: Heirloom

These shoes were given to me by my grandmother, who wore them when she was a bit older than me. She purchased them because they reminded her of her favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz. I don’t wear them very often because I want them to last forever, but when I do they make me feel close to her.

Stormy Weather


StormyWeatherFull2StormyWeatherExteriorStormyWeatherJacketStormyWeatherFullStormyWeather3-4StormyWeatherOverShoulderJacket: The Gap Jeans: Zara Tank Top: Express Shoes: Prada Bag and Necklace: Heirloom

Carl Hiaasen’s Stormy Weather is one of my all time favorite books. It’s hilarious, and it features two female characters who are anything but helpless damsels in distress. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything with a lot of rain and thunder. It was wonderful to finally have a bit of a storm in Los Angeles this week.

Monday Mood Lifters: Spring Makeup Edition

First off, I fully authorize you to go for another cup of coffee. The Monday after Super Bowl Sunday is an especially hard one to get through. Grab whatever caffeinated delight you need and settle in, because I have prepared a very exciting edition of Monday Mood Lifters for you! It’s shimmery, glossy, colorful, and sure to delight.


Blow Designer Kisses

If you’ve never tried Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine you’re in for a treat. Somewhere between a gloss, a stain, and a tinted balm lies this perfect product. They give your lips that fresh I-just-ate-an-icee look, making them worth every penny of the high-sounding $34 price. Check out this really accurate review on Vanity Rouge.

YvesSaintLaurent-Rouge-Volupte-Shine-6-Pink-In-Devotion-4Here’s my latest fave, #14.

photo 2-2


Be Colorful 

I love my Urban Decay Naked palettes as much as the next girl (a lot), but in the spring it feels right to freshen up your look with a pop of color. This year bold brights are being pushed aside for more demure pastels, which can be tricky to work with. The Kat Von D Esperanze palette provides you with just the right mix of colors to get a soft look without going Barbie. Check out Temptalia’s excellent break down of the products pros and cons.



Hypnotize With Your Eyes

When it comes to looks you can’t get much more classic than the Marilyn, but lets face it: sometimes it can feel stale. The brilliant ladies over at BATALASH BEAUTY have created a tutorial that will put the va va voom back in your red-lips-and-liner game in an instant.


Go For a Classic

I’ve save the best news for last. You know how you look at photos of Jackie O in the 60s, and Grace Kelley in the 50s and sadly think, “they just don’t make lipstick like that anymore”? Well, that is about to change. Revlon is re-releasing 5 of its most iconic shades, going all the way back to the 1940s. Sandstorm doesn’t really do it for me, but you can be sure I will be camped out at my local CVS the night before these hit shelves because I will get my hands on the other 4.



Let’s Go Riding

EquineInspiredFullEquineInspiredPurseEquineInspiredStartleEquineInspiredCloseUpEquineInspiredHeadshotEquineInspired3:4Shirt: Banana Republic Pants: TuffRider Boots: Dolce and Gabbana Bag: Fendi Necklace: Unknown (gift) Earrings: Heirloom


I grew up on my mother’s ranch in a small town outside of Atlanta. At the height of the stable’s success we shared our space with 23 horses. My horse, Vern, would stand outside my bedroom window while I was watching TV. He would patiently wait for commercial breaks, because during them I would open my window so he could stick his glossy black head in and I could sneak him a carrot stick. Because of these special moments, equestrian style holds a place in my heart in the same manner that nautical style fascinates those who grew up on the coast of New England.

Pink Lemonade




Top: Express Skirt: Banana Republic Issa Collection Shoes: Vintage Bag: L.K. Bennett Earrings: White House Heritage Collection

For the past few weeks Los Angeles has experienced the opposite of the Polar Vortex– A weird spring-in-winter thing. At first I tried to fight it, but today it was just too lovely out to resist heading to my favorite little gourmet shop and enjoying a pink lemonade.

Monday Mood Lifters

Monday. You told it you don’t really enjoy its company but… here it is again. Shake off the Monday blues with these goodies from around the WWW, because, remember, it’s already Tuesday somewhere.


Send a Sweet Note

I’ve yet to find a difficult day I can’t brighten by doing something kind for someone else. Kate Spade just made sending love notes, thank you notes, congratulations and sympathies the easy (ie: virtual) way more stylish than ever. Check out their collaboration with Paperless Post.

a925c9d83c08f9a5626bbb20fc55e543-31-5802759 84244eff34442caed182eeb90b331253-32-5802760

Put on Something Bright

I for one can’t even imagine being grumpy in this fabulous yellow sweater that Caitlin rocked over on Southern Curls and Pearls last week. And she got it on sale. And there’s a giveaway going on on the post where every person who enters wins. See? I bet you’re feeling better already.


Get Rescued By Beauty

If you follow my new Instagram (which you totally should!) you already know that I have a serious obsession with nail polish. I’m going to let you in on a little secret– the vast majority of my polishes are from Rescue Beauty. Owner/Genuis Ji Baek churns out shades so delightful that many polishes sell out during each new collection’s members only pre-sale. Sign up to receive Ji’s “wink” by email and you will have a fighting shot at scoring a piece of the APoem collection being released later this week! Below is Lotus Elise, one of the quick-sellers from the last collection.


Dress Up Your Favorite Toy

How amazing are these whimsical computer stickers from NorthStarDecals? I absolutely love them!! The only problem is trying to pick just one…

il_570xN.420580601_3abw il_570xN.406999241_m0ag